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Our values


The key to success is in the daily effort, that is why our team of professionals teach all our athletes to improve a little more every day.


A value that we support in our complex is the building of camaraderie among all athletes. Having a team of teammates not only leads to success but also to a mentally healthier life.


Our complex is international, open to all nationalities, ages, sports disciplines and cultures of the world. Living in such an enriching environment makes all athletes residing at ESC LaLiga & NBA open their minds to different thoughts and ways of looking at life.


Respect for the adversary, for colleagues who think differently, is one of our bases in the complex. We firmly believe that respect and humility of athletes is the basis for success.


Our idea is that all our athletes work hard on their mental health, in order to have a high degree of resilience and be able to emerge stronger from any setback they may face in their sporting or personal life.

Spanish Diversity Charter

ESC LaLiga & NBA is part of the Diversity Charter in Spain, an initiative promoted by the European Commission. This membership is a testament to our organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
European Diversity Charters help public and private sector organizations across the EU to design and implement effective diversity and inclusion policies. By signing the Charter, organizations make a public commitment to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Download the Spanish Diversity Charter and learn about our principles.

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