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ESC LaLiga & NBA

The perfect place for rallies, campuses, stages, summits, meetings, etc. 

Conceived as an Olympic Village, its creation represents a before and after in this type of complexes created by and for the service of clubs, companies, federations, organizations and athletes.
This is the first time in history that two of the world's leading sports and entertainment brands have been brought together in the same place to support and promote the future of new generations of athletes.

We invite you to follow in his footsteps.

The complex

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From the first draft conceptualization of ESC LaLiga & NBA, one phrase was always present: To be an inclusive complex.
This means that our complex has been created for all those companies, federations, sports clubs, individual athletes, organizations that need first class facilities to develop their different activities.

When we say that our complex is your complex, it is because we want you to feel that our facilities are an appendix to yours, a place that you feel is your club, organization or company.

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Welcome to the most powerful environment in sport_education