Master developed as cobranding with the sports-oriented company IDE BEMAGISTRA, led by Dani Guindos.

MSE Sport Elite Program will be a unique experience, with an elite teaching staff, which we have designed specifically for students who are going to stay in our sports city, either on an annual, biannual or even monthly basis.

The program contains a series of models that are developed in such a way that each module coincides with a month of teaching. This increases the training possibilities for students who carry out short stays, since each module is in itself an academic degree.

In addition: the program includes visits to see in situ how they work in professional clubs, networking and job opportunities (you can see our success stories of students trained with us who are now in the professional sports field). All this adapted and adaptable to the profile of athletes that we may have as students.

The complete program lasts 10 months and is divided into 8 modules, each module in turn in 2 titles, that is to say 16 titles. This allows all those athletes who come for a short stay to take a title independently.

Experiences linked to each module, i.e. every month there will be an "Experience" for the students in the form of a visit to a top stadium, or to a major brand to explain how they manage their communication, their brand, their management.

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