The Student Life program aims to encourage the personal growth of each student as an individual within a diverse community. Using the principles of self-discipline and empathy as a guide, we educate our students in the academic, social, emotional and cultural areas, paying special attention to the development of their intellect and personal skills in their journey towards a balanced and fulfilling life. This program is designed to significantly help our students achieve optimal levels of:

  • Independence and Self-DisciplineThe program develops strong study habits and time management skills, so that they learn to make decisions for themselves and take control of their own learning. They work on understanding how their individual decisions and actions have an impact on the community and the world around them, encouraging awareness of concepts such as global citizenship and sustainability.
  • Empathy and Compassion: To be inclusive and transformative members of our educational community, our students must be able to reflect on and understand all dimensions of their own identity. They must be able to engage in conversations and dialogues about values, beliefs, and social identities in a healthy way. In addition, students must be able to demonstrate respect for the vision and experience of others, cultivating the intention to understand and the ability to visualize multiple perspectives.

Career and University Counseling ServiceOur students, particularly those in grades 11 and 12, have a designated team of career and university counselors, who will inform our students of the available and interesting options for them, in a personalized way and taking into account their individual needs and situation. In addition, this team will conduct periodic workshops to help them with the university admission process, resume writing, interviewing and improving their professional profile.

Office Hours: students have independent time to study or work on projects individually or in groups, as well as to receive additional support from their professors.

Skills for the 21st Century: This is a weekly workshop where our students will participate in activities that will significantly help them develop skills necessary for the 21st century, such as leadership. Other topics included are: communication, conflict resolution, giving and receiving constructive criticism, public speaking, business etiquette, etc. These workshops are designed to be highly motivating and with very practical activities to put these skills into action with real life examples and situations.

Group Activity: each student will participate in a group activity, where they will have hands-on learning experiences, connected to the learning areas to be explored. These activities are included in mixed groups: grades 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12. During the academic year, each student will participate in each activity included in their grade or academic year, with the exception of grades 11 and 12, who may specialize in one activity for that year, if they so choose.

Do students participate in all Student Life activities?
Yes, participation in all activities of this program is a mandatory requirement for all our students.

How does ESC offer college admissions counseling?
Students in grades 11 and 12 meet periodically with our career and college counseling team to discuss options and evaluate all the necessary steps in the college admissions process. The guidance team will also propose to students and their families an action protocol, with a timetable, key dates and deadlines and all the steps to be taken into account and followed during this process.

What is the role of the mentor?
Each student is assigned a mentor. Their role is to support the student's academic progress and help them advance in their studies. The mentor also communicates with the families and keeps them informed about the student's academic progress.

How many community service hours are there each year?
8 hours of community service per year are planned.

Will you have speakers and talks by experts?
Yes, we will have lectures and talks by our guests during Community Meeting / Assembly time.

Does Student Life appear on the transcript?
Yes, it will appear on this transcript as "pass/fail" (no credits).

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