ESC American School Madrid offers a comprehensive academic program designed to prepare students for university entrance, with the flexibility to allow students to meet the training and competition requirements necessary to advance their careers as professional athletes. Our program has been developed with students' needs in mind, with the goal of helping them develop their full potential and achieve their best results, both academically and in sport.

Our program, developed in English, teaches Literature, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Spanish as a Foreign Language. For Grades 7 to 10, Language/Literature and Geography/History (Spanish Language and Culture) are taught.

Colegio ESC Madrid has an outstanding team of teachers, with extensive experience as educators, dedicated to the complete education of each individual through active learning and focused on getting our students to develop their full potential.

What do we call "effort marks"? - Effort Evaluation
This assessment is conducted and presented approximately every three weeks. Teachers create indicators of the student's current grade, as well as an evaluation of the effort made by the students in each class, along with comments about the student's progress. This evaluation is shared with both families and students. They are indicators of their progress and are not permanent until the end of the semester.

How many school periods does ESC have?
ESC has two semesters per year.

How do we evaluate our students?
Teachers use rubrics to assess learning. Students are familiar with this rubric throughout the process and are encouraged to use it and understand its meaning and rationale so that they can also understand how their learning process and progress works. Assessments may include essays, reports, presentations, projects, data analysis, models, exams, lab work, and other forms of assessment designed by teachers and students and approved by the administration.

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